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JetBlue Airlines Booking at $69 – Unpublished Deals

JetBlue Airlines has always been serving its customers in the best possible way. The airline also makes an effort to understand what their customers want, what they expect, and what they can do to serve their customers in a better way. Because of these attributes, the airline has been successfully able to win the trust and confidence of people.

One of the most important things which the airlines have to keep in mind for the convenience of the customers is keeping their processes very simple and easy so that anyone can go through them without having to face any kind of complexity.

All the processes of JetBlue airline are very simple and easy. At no point do the customers feel that they have to struggle to complete the procedure or are not able to find someone to avail help from the airline.

So without any further ado, let’s begin the journey of getting acquainted with the policies of JetBlue airlines.

Flight Booking process at JetBlue Airlines

For the ease and convenience of the customers, JetBlue Airlines offers its customers a variety of options for making reservations. Today, when most people have access to the internet and almost everything has gone digital, JetBlue Airlines Reservations can be made very conveniently online with just a few clicks in a jiffy! So, it doesn’t matter where you are, what time of the day it is or whether it is a working day or a weekend, you can make JetBlue Airlines Reservations anytime, anywhere according to your convenience. You don’t have to indulge in cumbersome processes of running to a travel agent or going far away to the airport to get your flight reservations done. You can just book your tickets online and start with your trip.

Although the online process is very simple and hassle-free, but still, there are still some people who are not able to make reservations through online mediums. For the ease of such people, the airline provides the facility of making offline reservations as well. The offline method of booking flight tickets is also very convenient but the very obvious fact is that you cannot do it from the comfort of your home or from whatever place you are at, at any time of the day. You will have to face the limitations of timings and place.

We will be learning about both the methods in the forthcoming sections in detail. Thoroughly read both the methods of flight bookings, and then decide which method would you choose to make your flight bookings!

JetBlue Airlines Booking Procedure: Online method

You have the option to make JetBlue Airlines Reservations online via two modes, the JetBlue official site and the mobile app of the airline. Both of these methods have been described in detail below:

Making reservations via JetBlue airlines official website

The process to make reservations through the website is absolutely simple and does not involve any complicated processes. Firstly, you will have to visit the JetBlue official site. As you open the website, you will see the homepage open in front of you. On the homepage, you will have to locate the option which says book a flight. As you click on that option, you will have to enter all the necessary details like place of departure, destination, total number of passengers, type of trip etc. After you have completed the process of giving all the details, the flight results will be displayed in front of you. You can browse through all the options, and then you can choose the flight which suits you the best and proceed to pay. While making the payments, you can apply for any offers or coupons which you might have to save more money on your flight bookings. After you are done with the payment, you will be receiving a confirmation email on the email address you gave while registering yourself. The confirmation email will have your flight tickets and will also contain complete details of your travel itinerary.

This was all about how you can make flight reservations through the JetBlue official site. Now let’s see how you can make flight reservations through the JetBlue mobile application

JetBlue Book flight tickets via mobile application

If you want to make JetBlue reservations via mobile application, then you would have to download the mobile application of the airline on your mobile. After installing the app, you will be required to create an account and log in. As you log in, you will see the homepage being displayed in front of you. Next, you will have to follow the same steps which you followed while booking through the JetBlue official site. You will have to submit all the necessary details like place of departure, destination, total number of passengers, type of trip etc. After this, the flight results will be displayed, you can browse through them and choose whichever flight suits your preferences the best. The next step is to make the payment by the payment method of your choice and confirm your booking. When you are booking through the app, you will get a confirmation email on the email address with which you registered just like it happens while making reservations through the website.

Both the options are simple and convenient in their own way, but some people might find booking via the app a better option because the mobile application is always available on your phone, so you don’t have to spend time logging in again and again on the website. You will just have to open the app and check all the details as and when required.

So this was the brief about both the online methods of making JetBlue flight bookings. In the forthcoming section, we will see the offline methods of making JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Bookings – Offline Method

While making reservations through the offline method, the customers have several options. All the methods have been described in detail. You can go through all of them and choose the method which suits your requirements the best if you are choosing to make offline reservations.

Make JetBlue Reservations by going to the airport:

Customers who wish to book their tickets through the offline method can do so by visiting the airport. All you are required to do is go to the airport and request the security officer to direct you to the customer Help Desk. The security officer will direct you to the customer Help Desk. As you come to the Help Desk, you can talk to the live person available and ask them to make a reservation for you. You will have to share with them the necessary details like date of travel, destination, number of passengers, travel class etc. You will then be required to make the payment and the person available on the Help Desk will make a reservation for you.

Book flight tickets by the JetBlue Reservations number:

JetBlue Airlines has customer support available 24×7 to assist its customers. Customers also have the alternative to directly get in touch with JetBlue customer support team and get their flight tickets booked by calling the JetBlue customer service phone number. All that you are required to do is dial the JetBlue Airlines customer service number, and you will be directed to a customer support executive. You have to share the necessary details with the executive like date of travel, destination, number of passengers, travel class etc. and the customer care executive will do the entire process and confirm your reservation. Even if you come across any issue while making the reservation online by yourself, then also you can contact the customer support service and ask for their help to make flight bookings.

Here we would also like to let you know that the flights which are booked via making a call to the customer support number will be chargeable. The fee for making reservations via call are $25 per person.

  • Get your flight bookings done by sending the customer support an email: If you don’t want to book flight tickets by calling the customer support team or by visiting the airport, then you also have the alternative to book flight tickets by contacting the customer support team through email. All you have to do is just drop an email requesting assistance for making flight reservations on this email address: [email protected].
  • The offline methods have also been kept as simple and convenient as possible, so that the customers can have the utmost convenience while booking tickets. The customer service executives are also very supportive who will understand all your requirements and preferences and will make the reservation on your behalf. They will also help in clearing all your doubts and issues so that you have a good understanding of all the policies.
  • We would also like to mention here that various JetBlue flight deals are available which are very attractive. So keep an eye on them, who knows who might be able to get an attractive deal!

JetBlue Group Bookings

Travelling with your friends and family is always fun and exciting! To encourage people to travel together and have a good time together, JetBlue has come up with the facility of JetBlue group bookings. JetBlue group bookings is one of the very distinct features of this airline which makes it very preferable among the travellers who frequently prefer to travel with their companios. This facility allows travellers to make flight bookings for the whole group of people who are travelling together. This also enables them to save money on their flight tickets. So, it’s a deal which is loaded with benefits for the travellers! Let us know everything about JetBlue Groups bookings in detail.

If you are travelling in a group of up to 9 people, then you will have to contact the airline to get any assistance and get informed regarding how you can make reservations for all the people together.

If the total number of passengers is 10 or more than 10, then you will have to get in touch with the JetBlue Groups Desk. The JetBlue Groups Desk is open for the customers from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 7:30PM ET (5AM to 4:30PM PT).

To qualify for group reservations, the group has to be of 10 or more than 10 members. All the members of the group will have to be booked on the same flight on the same day. If there is any traveller who is travelling separate from the group, then that will be knows as an individual booking and will not qualify for the advantages of the group booking. The conditions of individual booking will only be applicable and regular fees will be charged.

We would also like to let you know that you need to be mindful of the following things before making group reservations:

  • JetBlue Groups begin with at least 10 people who are going to travel on the same flight.
  • In case you want to hold seats, then you need to make a deposit of $50 per seat. The seats will be held until 30 days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight in case of domestic bookings and 60 days prior to the scheduled departure of flight in case of international bookings.
  • In case of cancellation of seats, all the money paid will be forfeited and no money will be returned.
  • Traveller information will have to be given 30 days before the trip.
  • Fare quotes will remain valid only for two weeks. This is decided on the basis of the date of travel and time of quote.
  • No discounts are applicable on group bookings. The airline also does not lessen its fares on such bookings.

Here are some guidelines to provide you more clarity on JetBlue group reservations.

Individual travellers in group bookings will not be able to use the facility of kiosk or check-in online. All they are required to do when they enter the airport is proceed to the ticket counter. The crewmember of the airline will help them with their check-in.

To be able to make a group reservation, you will be required to submit a request on the JetBlue official site. Once you have submitted the request, you will be contacted by one of the dedicated crew members within the next few business days with a quote. Alternatively, you can also ask the crew member any questions which you might have regarding the booking. The crewmember will solve all your problems and clear all your doubts.

You also have to keep in mind that if you have submitted a request for making a group reservation, this does not mean that the seats have been held for you. Submitting a request online does not guarantee holding space or availability of seats unless you have made the payment process and confirmed your booking.

A deposit of $50 per person will have to be made within 14 days of the date of the booking. In case your group is travelling during a blackout period which is the peak travel season, then you will have to make the deposit within 7 days of booking. Just your seats will be held. If you are not able to make your deposit by the due date, then JetBlue will be cancelling your flight booking.

Final payment will be made 30 days prior to the departure of the flight in case of domestic travel. In case of international travel, the final payment will have to be made 60 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. If final payment is not received by JetBlue on the due date, then the reservation will be cancelled by JetBlue and all the money paid will be forfeited.

To ensure ease of the travellers, several payment options are available. Travellers also have the liberty to pay through any medium like credit cards, personal checks, agency checks and money orders. You also have to keep in mind that there is a limit of four payment transactions per group. The payment has to be made in the Salt Lake City office of the airline prior to the scheduled departure date.

JetBlue Airlines Customer Service

JetBlue Airlines customer service is an incredible service. Talking about how you can contact the JetBlue customer service, you have several options for that. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, text, social media or online chat. Let us know about all these options in detail.

Jetblue airlines Phone number 1-804-438-1787

You can get in touch with the JetBlue customer support service by dialling the JetBlue customer service phone number. The JetBlue contact number is 800-538-2583. You can dial this number and talk to a customer service agent.

If you are a frequent flyer with Mosaic status, then you have a dedicated JetBlue Customer Service phone number which is 1-804-438-1787.

In case you want to talk about delayed or damaged baggage, then there is a separate phone number for that which is 1-804-438-1787.

JetBlue Airlines E-mail Address

Travellers also have the option to reach out to the JetBlue customer support team through email. The email address is [email protected]. Remember that the responses can take several days if you reach out to the customer support service through email. So if there is anything urgent you want to talk about, then you might want to opt for an alternative method of contact.

JetBlue Online chat

Travellers can contact the JetBlue customer support team through online chat. To chat live with JetBlue’s customer support service, you will first have to download the mobile application of the airline because the facility of live chat is not available on the website. To start the conversation on live chat, you will have to click on the “More” icon and then select “Help” and then click on “Chat with us”. After this, you will have to wait for sometime to be connected with a customer support agent. Again, if you need immediate assistance, calling the JetBlue contact number is a better option.

JetBlue Social media

Customers also have the option to reach out to the customer support team through the social media accounts of the airline. Just like the email service, there is no guarantee when you will receive a response from the customer support team of the airline. If you need immediate assistance from the customer support team, this might not be a very good option.


With the help of the JetBlue mobile app, you have the option to start a text message conversation. For this you will have to click on the “More” icon, then “Help” and then finally at “Text us.”

Some of the common customer support service topics include reservation issues, refund issues, baggage problems, lost and found, reward programs etc. You can get in touch with the airline’s customer service to talk about any of these things.

Among the very lucrative services that JetBlue provides, the JetBlue customer service has been one of the major contributors in attracting more customers to the loyalty programme of the airline. The incredible customer service has satisfied a lot of customers.

This was all about JetBlue Airlines. We hope that you understood the various topics we discussed above like JetBlue reservations, JetBlue customer service, JetBlue Airlines official site etc.

If you want to know about anything in detail, then you can visit the JetBlue official site for authentic and detailed information. You also have the alternative to dial the JetBlue customer service number and talk to the customer support service of the airline.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the official website of the airline and keep an eye on good deals to make your travel time an even better one!

Q1. What are JetBlue’s Booking Policies?

Answer: The booking policy consists of all the rules and contracts laid down by JetBlue Airlines. We always try to update travellers with our latest policies, documents, and rules. We also deliver vital information to our Agency Partners to make sure that all the travellers travelling through them should be considerate about all the booking policies of JetBlue.

Q2. What are the rules for International travelling on JetBlue Airlines?

Answer: Whenever you travel abroad or in the U.S., you need to comply with the rules of JetBlue for International Travel, some of the details are listed below:
Welcome to JetBlue world
The JetBlue Airline operates on over 100+ destinations U.K., Latin America, the U.S.,and the Caribbean. It will take to you to famous places across the globe.
Know before you go
 You need to get all the seminal documents like visa, resident card U.S., and passport.
 Check-in with baggage before 3 hours of departure.
 No exceptions are there for international flights, they will close down 1 hour before the scheduled departure.
 One can check in online or using the counter of JetBlue Airline.
 The baggage charges may vary as per the baggage that you are travelling with.
Travel documents
For travelling to the desired destination, you need to take all the required documents with you. You need to get resident proof, a valid visa, health insurance, a tourist card, an immunization certificate, proof of return travel and a travel consent form for a minor.
Rules for getting a connecting international flight
To get a connecting international flight, you need to have a visa for the final destination and a valid passport. One should check the baggage at the final destination.
We always recommend our passengers checkin 3 hrs beforethe flight’s departure. For flights to or from Cuba, check-in should be done 4 hours afterthe flight’s departure.
Baggage Policy
Before making any booking of our flights, one must go with the baggage policy of JetBlue Airlines.

Q3: What is the policy or benefits for travel with 10+ people with JetBlue?

Answer: JetBlue offers some extra perks and facilities in case of group travel of 10 or more. The perks for different groups are listed below:
Leisure Groups
In Leisure groups, you will be flying with a church group, sports team, or destination tour. Various and vital benefits for travellers are mentioned below:
 You will get a customized fare.
 You will be demanded $50 for each person for confirming the seat.
 Final payment will be 30 days before the departure.
 You can do group bookings using the phone.
 You will be charged $100 for changing the passenger’s name.
Incentive Groups
You will get extraordinary fares and award-winning services for the Incentive Groups. This will make both employees and passengers happy. Various and vital benefits for travellers are mentioned below:
 You will have the facility to change the passenger’s name without any charges.
 You can book the seats separately or together it’s your choice.
 You will receive great rates.
 We can release 10% of the total seats before 60 days of departure without any charge or penalty.
 You will be demanded $50 for each person for confirming the seat.
 We offer a 10% of deviation at no cost, just pay the difference or get a refund.
 Final payment will be 30 days before the departure.
Meeting Travel
The planning of a corporate meeting is a hectic process. You will get the unconditional support that you prefer to have. Various and vital benefits for travellers are mentioned below:
 The crewmembers are very dedicated and available between 8am and 8pm EST from Monday to Friday.
 You can go for booking using mobile.
 The unlimited name change is offered with no charges.
 You can book the seats separately or together it’s your choice.
 You will receive great rates.
 We can release 10% of the total seats before 60 days of departure without any charge or penalty.
 You will be demanded $50 for each person for confirming the seat.
 We offer a 10% of deviation at no cost, just pay the difference or get a refund.
 Final payment will be 30 days before the departure.

Q4: What are the guidelines set by JetBlue Airlinesfor Group travel?

Answer: Some of the guidelines laid down by JetBlue Airlines are listed below:
 In the case of group bookings, one cannot use the online check-in method or kiosk.
 You will be assisted by the JetBlue flight executive at the ticket counter.
 One can submit an online request on the official site and you will be called by our expert within a few hours and you can confirm all the details with him/her.
Note: The online request doesn’t determine the guaranteed tickets.

Q5: What are the conditions for Travelling with Kids in JetBlue?

Answer: Travelling with Kids is a more enjoyable journey. We offer pleasant journeys. Other details are listed below:
More joy
Our cabin crew helps you to make your journey more comfortable and smooth. You will get a free carry-on bag with you to have a hassle-free journey.
Know Before You Go
 There is no charge for lap infants; you just need to show proof of the age of the concerned child and his/her immunization record.
 You will get extra space seats like Blue Extra, Blue, and Mint fares.
 You will get a free carry bag.
 The Blue Basic fare does not offer a carry bag except in case of unaccompanied minors. The item which fits under the seat is still allowed. Blue Basic fare also doesn’t allow you to book a free advance seat selection. It is recommended to sit with your child, so book the seats together.
 Blue Extra, Blue, and Blue Plus include advance seat selection for free with a carry bag.
 You can bring a diaper bag with a permitted carry-on bag & personal items except forBlue Basic fares which don’t allow a passenger to carry a bag.
 One can use FAA approved safety seat on the board.
 Breast pumps are allowed as it is considered to be assistive device.
 You need to submit a minor travel consent form in case your child is travelling with only one parent or with another person.
Make time fly
JetBlue offersthe best in-flight experience. It offers movies, DIRECTV®, and SiriusXM®. Kids can watch Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, and Nickelodeon. Kids can also enjoy Radio Disney and Kids’ Place Live. You just need to bring wired earphones separately.
See food + drink choices 
You will get complimentary drinks and snacks. You will have many options, just choose your favourite one. One can also purchase exclusive snacks and drinks.

Q6: What are the conditions for Travelling with Pets in JetBlue?

Answer: Your pets are also our priority. The details are listed below:
Know Before You Go
 You need to carry documents like origin, date of travel etc.
 Pet vaccination documentation is mandatory.
 One must check the requirements for each of the desired destinations.
 You need to carry a carrier for your pet.
 One must get some toy for the pet and it is allowed to carry with you.
 The pet carrier should be approved by FAA.
 The Blue Basic Fare does not allow you to carry a toy or carrier so book the ticket of another type of ticket.
 Only one carrier is allowed with one pet.
 It should be ensured that the pet must sit inside the pet carrier on the plane and at the airport.
Pets on the Airport
 It is mentioned that cats and dogs can travel in the cabin which is approved by FAA. The carrier should be comfortable for the pet.
 For each journey, the fee for a separate pet is $125.
 Only 2 pets are allowed.
 Every pet has its carrier.
 Overall only 6 pets are allowed on a flight.
 Members of TrueBlue will get 300 extra points for adding the pet to the booking per segment.
Pet Travel Checklist
Some of the necessary information that one must admire and carry for travelling with the pets is listed below:
 Vaccinations documentation
 ID tags
 Pet license
 A carrier which is approved by FAA
 Pet carrier should not exceed the dimensions (17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H)
 Pet treats and chews
 A toy which was a favourite for dog
 Pet supplies for the trip
 A pre-flight workout should be done for your pet.

Q7: How to request a Receiptfrom JetBlue?

Answer: The receipt is not printed or reproduced for the past-flown flights. We always recommend you save your flight itineraries and passes. The records for the itineraries are stored for 12 months. Other necessary details are provided below:
Request a Receipt
To request a receipt, just mail the 6-digit confirmation code of the flight ticket to “[email protected]”. After some time, you will get the ticket, just click on the icon “View” and get your receipt.
Inflight Purchase Receipts
You can request an electronic receipt using an e-mail from the In-flight cabin crew. The purchases made using a credit card may take 2-3 weeks to reflect in your credit card statement. One should get the receipt of in-flight purchases from the flight’s cabin crew. One can also request the receipt using the page “Contact us”. One has to enter the confirmation code of 6 digits and 4 last digits of the credit card to get the receipt of the purchases made by you.
Reasons behind not sending the receipts:
 Itineraries which include car rentals, hotels, etc. (bulk fares)
 Travel was concluded over 13 months ago.
 Other reservations like Codeshare and Interline flights.
 Due to travel agencies like Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.

Q8: What are the conditions for travelling with Lap Infants?

Answer: JetBlue is always curious and loves the smallest customers on the board. The details to travelling with Lap Infants are listed below:
Travelling within the U.S.
Travellers who want to travel with Lap Infants should information to the reservation staff or in case you want to add the Lap Infant to the existing booking then contact the reservation staff of JetBlue.
Travelling internationally
You need to get a valid passport for you and the lap infant. One must present the infant’s passport to the JetBlue executives before boarding the flight. The travelling fare for the lap infants depends upon the international destination and the point of origin of the journey. One should be the legal guardian and must possess the authorization letter (notarized).
Age requirements
A lap infant isa child whose age lies between 3 days to 2 years. No cost is required to add lap infants to the existing booking. In case, the lap infant exceeds the age of 2 years on the return flight then one has to purchase a separate seat for the infant. Age proof is mandatory like Birth Certificates, passports, and Immunization records.
Other vital information
 You would be of 14 years or more to travel with an Infant.
 The infant should be sitting on the lap of the adult during landing and takeoff.
 With one adult, only one lap infant is allowed.
 It is not allowed that Lap infants to be seated against or in emergency exit rows.
 The infant should be seated on the same row, so select the seat accordingly.

Q9: What are the details about JetBlue Business Travel?

Answer: Business class travel is well-managed and time-saving. You will be served cheerfully by the Airline Executives. Some of the benefits of Business Travel are listed below:
 It will tailor to all the needs of a traveller.
 It offersthe flexibility of fare, just choose the best one or suitable for you.
 The flights are not oversold.
 You can book or re-book the ticket for business class 331 days before boarding.
 Dedicated customer support is provided.
 You can have the facility to use the cancelled or refundable ticket.
 You can also transfer a ticket to another passenger.
 You will be in the TrueBlue loyalty program.
 More offers from the other Airlines which are in partnership with JetBlue Airline.
JetBlue offers award-winning services over 100+ destinations. You will get full legroom. You will get high-speed Wi-Fi, live TV and movies of different genres. You will get drinks and snacks complimentary.
Other Benefits:
JetBlue offers services to over 100+ destinations coast-to-coast and internationally. Some of the offers provided by the Airline to travellers travelling in business class are listed below:
 Fully lie-flat seats and suites.
 You will get different cocktails, beers, and wine.
 Early boarding.
 Dedicated Mint check-in.
 On-demand music, live TV, and movies.
 A rotating small plates menu and dessert.
 Free high-speed Wi-Fi
 Multiple power ports.
 Expedited security.
 2 free checked bags.

Q10: How can I find the confirmation code of JetBlue Airline?

Answer: Nowadays, everyone is becoming internet friendly. Most travellers book their flights using online means. So there is no problem with getting the confirmation code. The confirmation code is 6 digits. The confirmation code can be a combination of numbers and letters like ABC3YZ. To get the confirmation code steps are listed below:
 Open your mailbox.
 On its right side, you will get the confirmation code.
 Just get the code.
Note: One should check the email box to get the boarding pass first. If you don’t get it there then consider the steps for the mobile application as provided below:
 Open the mobile application of JetBlue Airlines.
 After that, open the section “My Trips”.
 See the printed boarding pass.
 You will get the confirmation code on the right side of the top middle section where your name is displayed on the boarding pass.

Q11: How do I add a wheelchair to my booking?

Answer: To add the wheelchair to my booking, the steps are listed below:
 Initially, add an SSR (Special Service Request).
 To add the SSR just contact us. There are no fees for SSR for an existing booking.
 Before departure, select a seat.
 Click on the icon “Next”, when you got your shopping cart.
 Enter all the details of travellers.
 Go to the section “Traveller Details”.
 Click on the icon “Additional Information”.
 Choose the icon “plus (+)”.
 Click on the option “I require wheelchair assistance”.  
 In this way, your request for a wheelchair is accepted.

Q12: How do get the ticket number of the JetBlue Airline Flight?

Answer: To get the ticket number, the steps are listed below:
 The ticket number is 13 digits.
 You will get the ticket number on the registered mail id or the statement of credit card:
The number of the ticket is displayed on the confirmation mail under the Traveller details.
The number of the ticket is displayed with the transaction of the credit card, usually, it begins with 279.
Note: In case, you purchased extra bags or seats then it will have a different ticket number for reference.

Q13: What are Jetblue Blue Basic Fares?

Answer: Blue Basic Fare of JetBlue Airline is the most basic fare offered to travellers.

Q14: What are Jetblue Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares?

Answer: The faresof the Blue Plus, JetBlue Blue, Mint, Blue, and Blue Extra are listed below:

Q15: How to edit, add or confirm documents and details on my reservation?

Answer: To make changes to the existing reservation, the steps are listed below:
 Open browser.
 Go to the official site.
 Login to your account.
 Go to the section “Manage your Trips”.
 Just edit the details as per your requirement.

Q16: How do I add my pet to my reservation?

Answer: To add a pet to an existing reservation, the steps are listed below:
 Login to your account.
 Go to the section “Manage your Trips”.
 Now, it is time to select the option “Bags & Extras”.
 Choose the option “Add a pet”.
 Just add the pet to the existing journey.
 Pay the fees.
 Finalize the changes in the reservation.

Q17: What are Jetblue’sSeasonal Routes?

Answer: Some of the routes are made available by JetBlue seasonally. The frequency of flights is subject to the demands of the public. Some of the seasonal routes are listed below:
 Newark to/from Austin
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Cartagena
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Colombia
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Chicago
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Clevelto
 Lauderdale to/from Cayman
 Newark to/from Raleigh-Durham
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Cayman
 Newark to/from Raleigh-Durham
 Newark to/from San Diego
 Newark to/from San Francisco
 Newark to/from St. Lucia
 Newark to/from Charleston
 Newark to/from Nassau
 Newark to/from the Bahamas
 Newark to/from Phoenix
 Hartford to/from Cancun
 Newark to/from Jacksonville
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Philadelphia
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Porto
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Seattle
 Los Angeles to/from San Jose
 Newark to/from Las Vegas
 Newark to/from Montego Bay
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Phoenix
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Providenciales
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Port of Spain
 Hartford to/from San Francisco
 Newark to/from Aguadilla
 Newark to/from Puerto Rico
 Newark to/from Aruba
 Newark to/from Atlanta Newark to/from Providenciales
 Los Angeles to/from Richmond
 Los Angeles to/from Virginia
 Los Angeles to/from Costa Rica
 Newark to/from Puerto Plata
 Newark to/from the Dominican Republic
 Fort Lauderdale to/from St. Maarten
 Los Angeles to/from Austin
 Los Angeles to/from Jacksonville
 Los Angeles to/from Raleigh-Durham
 Newark to/from St. Maarten
 Fort Lauderdale to/from Aruba

Q18: How to perform seat assignments in JetBlue group bookings?

Answer: To perform seat assignments in JetBlue group bookings, the steps are listed below:
 Open browser.
 Go to the official site.
 Login to your account.
 Choose the option “Travel Info”.
 From the 3 different options in the drop-down menu, select the icon “Travelling together”.
 Choose the option “Group Travel”.
 Enter all the required details in the respective form.
 Select the icon “Request Group Travel”.
 Now, choose the seats subject to availability.
 Finally, pay for the group bookings.

Q19: How the fares of JetBlue Airlines are changing?

Answer: The price of JetBlue Airlines changes due to the demand for the respective route. There are no cancellation or change fees for Blue Extra, Blue, Mint fares, and Blue Plus. For flight changes, there is no fee for changes made during the same day. One needs to pay the baggage charges as per the destination and class of your ticket. The Blue Basic fare is the best and lowest fare type of JetBlue Airlines.

Q20: Which can be the most flexible fare of JetBlue Airlines?

Answer: The most flexible fare of JetBlue Airline is JetBlue Blue Basic fare.JetBlue fares are the most favourable ones. You will get the lowest fare with boarding priority, advance seat selection and change or cancellation of bookings. You will get legroom in coach and complementary foods and beverages.

Q21: What are the Redemption bookings of JetBlue Airlines?

Answer: Redemption bookings are booked with the points gained by TrueBlue loyalty programs. One will gain some points by booking any flight and apart from redemption bookings, one can use it for paying cancellation charges, flight change charges, and baggage charges.

Q22: What payment forms are accepted by JetBlue Airlines for bookings?

Answer: Some of the payment forms accepted by JetBlue Airlines for bookings are listed below:
Pay by card
It is noticed that most of the airport lobbies do not accept cash, so one can use debit or credit cards; some of them are listed below. The majority of our airport lobbies do not accept cash as a form of payment. We accept credit and debit cards with:
 American Express
 Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP)
 Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
 Diners Club
 Discover Card
Note: One can pay cash for some destinations. Travellers can also convert their cash to digital form at various destinations.

Q23: What are Duplicate Bookings?

Answer: A duplicate booking means two or more reservation is made for a single passenger. These types of duplicate bookings are prohibited by JetBlue Airline. Some examples of duplicate bookings are listed below:
 The ticket of the same customer is identical.
 Two identical tickets for the same customer.
 Multiple itineraries with the same customer name.
 Booking one or more seats for the different or same flight.
 Bookings are made for two or more flights where customers are the same.
 Now booking for a traveller which already exists in JetBlue Airways.

Q24: What arethe Group bookings of JetBlue Airlines?

Answer: Group travel constitutes travelling or more than 5 members. You will get full comfort and satisfaction. Groups travelling in the JetBlue Airline are listed below:
 Leisure Groups
 Incentive Groups
 Meeting Travel
For initiating the group booking process, the steps are listed below:
 Go to the website.
 Login to your account.
 Find the icon “Travel Info”.
 You will get 3 different options under the drop-down menu.
 Choose the option “Travelling together”.
 Click on the icon “Group Travel”.
 Just fill out the form displayed on the new page.
 Enter all the required details.
 Choose the option “Request Group Travel”.

Q25: How can I book extra seats to increase social distancing and/or for the comfortof JetBlue Airline?

Answer: To book extra seats of existing reservations of JetBlue Airline, firstly check whether the flight has empty seats or not. If yes, then perform the following steps:
 Login to your account.
 Search for the existing flight.
 Check the availability of seats.
 Visit the page “Traveller Details”.
 Enter the details of the traveller.
 Check the box to book the remaining seats.
 Just pay for the new seats.
 You will see the seats in your bookings.
Note: One can book the seats in front/ behind/ & next to you.

Q26: What is Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD)?

Answer: It is a program that increases the security of high-risk and low-identifying customers before they arriveat the airport by matching their details from the watch lists and trusted traveller lists. This data is needed in PNR before issuing a ticket. This program will gather necessary and personal details of the passenger to stringent guidelines. It will then transmit the data for standard screening and TSA PreCheck. This will match the gender, name, and date of birth of the concerned passenger. Some of the benefits of this SFPD are listed below:
 Tracking of the traveller.
 Suspects terrorists.
 Identify unknown passengers.
 Prevent the individuals to enter the no-fly list.
 Enhance the screening process.
 Protects passengers’ privacy.
 Facilitate passenger air travel.
What data is required?
Some of the data needed to preserve and execute this Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) are listed below:
 Name of the passenger encoded on the passport.
 Driver license.
 Government issues photo identification id.
 Date of Birth .